19 Dec

Where did all these holes come from?


If the shirts you hang inside your closet are full of little holes, a tiny insect might be the cause of your problems. Meet the clothing moth, scientific name Tineola bisselliella, who loves to eat all your favorite shirts and pants.

A moth ate my clothes?
Unless you are stricken with Mottephobia–the fear of moths– the idea of sharing your home with a fluffy winged insect might not be so bad. That is, until you realize the damage these moths can cause. The moth itself is not the problem. They only live about 20 days. The real culprit destroying your clothing is the larvae.

Each female moth lays around 200 eggs and glues them to your clothing. From each egg comes a little white grub, so small you would need a magnifying glass to see it. If you see holes and can’t find the perpetrator even with magnification, the larvae hide when it is light. They only come out to feed when it is dark. Your closet is the perfect place. The larvae can get all of the nutrition they need from your clothing. They spend all of their time eating. They devour cotton and wool. If you have any material that is blended, they will eat that too. Wool blends are especially susceptible. On the alternative, if your closet is full of spandex, you will be fine. Clothing moths do not like spandex, nylon or any other artificial fiber. If the idea of wearing clothing infested with mini maggots is distasteful, don’t worry, most people would agree with you.

More than your clothes are in danger
Your clothes are not the only thing they eat. Clothing moth larva will eat any natural fiber. That means if your carpet has wool or cotton fibers, they will be living where you walk. If you bed sheets are made from cotton or silk, you will be sleeping with clothing moth larvae. Towels, you betcha! Drapes, curtains, furniture are all at risk if they are made from natural fibers. Even if all the fabric in your home was synthetic, there is still food in your home for the clothing moth. While you are sitting on your nylon couch and walking across you polyester carpet, loose hair from your head and body will fall out. Clothing moth larvae can eat fallen hair. They also eat wheat and other grains.

Moth Eradication
Clothing moths are considered a terrible pest because of the number of things they can eat. If you have an infestation, it will be difficult for over the counter chemicals to combat the larvae. Before you go to the store and purchase buckets of moth balls, there are better solutions. Moth balls smell bad and the vapors are toxic. The best solution is to call Admiral Pest Control. Eradicating pest infestations is what we do best. If you are tired of sharing your home with clothing moths, we have an eradication solution that will meet your needs. Call us today.

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