24 Apr

Tips for water conservation for your lawn


Though you might wish it was different, California has been in a drought for quite a few years now. Governor Brown has declared a drought state of emergency. We can all do our part to conserve water. One of the largest areas of water consumption on your property is your yard. Here are a few water conservation tips from Admiral Pest Control.

  • Check your sprinkler system for leaks and breaks: If there are swampy areas in your yard, check your sprinkler pipes. Routinely turn your sprinklers on and check to make certain that all of your sprinkler heads are working right. If not, replace the sprinkler.
  • Increase your sprinkler efficiency: While you have your sprinkler system on, make certain that your sprinklers are watering the right areas. If you notice sprinklers that are watering your driveway or street, alter the direction of your sprinkler heads.
  • Water at night: If you are watering during the middle of the day, most of that precious water is being lost to the air. Water when it is cool, such as night or early morning.
  • Your rain delay is not for looks: For anyone trying to conserve water, there is nothing as aggravating to see sprinklers running in the middle of a rain storm. If your sprinkler system has a rain delay feature and it is raining… use it.
  • Increase your mowing height: Grass slows its growth rate when it is longer. Longer grass shades the soil underneath and reduces soil water evaporation. If you mow it at a higher level, you will not only need to mow less frequently, you will also reduce the amount of water your lawn needs.
  • Put in that plug and mulch: Mulching your lawn adds a valuable layer of thatch. That bed of organic material acts like a sponge and soaks up water. Your lawn will be healthier and you won’t have to water as much.
  • Consider using a drought tolerant grass: There are varieties of grass seed that can reduce your water usage by 25 to 50 percent, while still looking green and vibrant.

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