10 Apr

iStock_000019224199XSmall-2Have you ever noticed you hardly ever see insects or pests in the winter? A lot of people assume it’s because they die off when the weather turns chilly. Although that’s true for a very small population of pests, the reality is most bugs, insects, and rodents actually spend the winter months hunkered down somewhere warm and cozy until spring.

And that “somewhere” is usually inside your house.

Even though the hot weather isn’t quite here yet, you may start to notice one or two lone reconnaissance ants lurking around the parameter of your kitchen floor; or a silverfish scooting out from the bottom of a cupboard; or even a fly buzzing around the house. “Where the heck did they come from?” you might ask yourself. You haven’t had to endure these meddlesome creatures since you put the lawn furniture away last fall.

The answer, unfortunately, is they’ve been with you all along. Rodents, beetles, termites, bees, spiders, ants, and even flies move indoors at the first sign of bad weather. They’re very sneaky about it, so you may not even suspect they’re there, until they dare to venture out in early spring looking for food.

Are a couple of bugs really a problem?

Yes! Because what you don’t realize is that these are explorers for a whole colony of pests residing in your home. Seeing these scouts is your signal to call the professionals at Admiral Pest Control to come out and inspect for whatever might be invading your house. Waiting could lead to a full on infestation, which is not only much harder to eliminate, but more expensive to treat.

How can pests live in my home all winter, but not be a problem until spring?

Pests react to cold weather in different ways. In just about all cases they seek shelter in and around your house just before the winter months kick in. But once inside they all have their own stealth ways of settling in.

  • “Antifreeze” Bugs
    For some bugs the cooler weather actually triggers glycerol production in their bodies, which acts as an antifreeze. Bugs of this nature either become lethargic or actually go into a hibernation state until the weather warms up again. Usually they move to a warm spot (like your attic, basement, garage, or even the inside of your walls or floorboards) before they go to sleep. Which is why you don’t see them until they come alive again in the spring.
  • Gestating Bugs
    Many pests renew their families in the winter. Rodents give birth to (lots of) babies and insects lay eggs, thus ensuring a new generation just in time for warm spring weather. As you might imagine, parental pests want safe, warm places to nurture their young so in the fall they take up residence in the nooks and crannies of your house. Why don’t you notice them? Because they hunt for food at night and are very careful not to be seen. If you don’t notice the discreet signs of their presence, then you could go all winter not even realizing you have freeloading pests.
  • External Pests
    Then there are those pests who are just as content to use the outside of your house as a safe haven through out the winter. Dirty gutters, overhangs, and woodpiles provide the perfect nesting places for birds, rodents and even some hearty insects.  Nesting pests are not only disgusting, but they can also cause real damage to the outside of your house. If possible, clean your gutters through out the winter and move any debris or woodpiles away from your home.

Not sure if you have a springtime pest problem? It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Contact Admiral Pest Control today to schedule an inspection. Our technicians know what to look for so you can enjoy a happy, healthy, pest-free summer!

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