28 Aug

Stinky Invaders of the Six-legged Kind

If you type in the words “Invaders” and “Portland” into a google search, you’ll get more than 20 million hits in half a second. Which is no big surprise, in Portland, we know invaders. One of our newest intruders has the potential to cause a lot of economic damage and looks crazy enough to do it.

If You Like Your Fruits and Veggies Beware
Sporting six legs, dark mottled brown skin, and alternating color bands on its antennae the Brown Marmorated stink bug is not your friend. Causing millions of dollars of damage to agricultural products, the stink bug isn’t a friend to farmers either. Peaches, apples, grapes, apricots and cherries, pretty much all of your favorite fruits are being targeted. The stink bug doesn’t stop with tree fruit, the vegetables in your garden are at risk as well. Researchers have seen the Marmorated stink bug feeding on corn, peppers, beans and tomatoes.

Much like you would use a straw to drink soda pop, the stink bug uses its needle sharp mouth to puncture fruit and vegetables and suck out their juices. All those holes from their feeding damage the fruit and allow bacteria and fungus to further destroy our food. Because this pest is so new, scientists have only had a short amount of time to study them. Which means the number of pesticides labeled for control is ridiculously few.

Your Home is next
You might be thinking that the Brown Marmorated stink bug is only a problem for farmers. Unfortunately that isn’t true. Whenever the weather starts getting cold, adult stink bugs want to find a place to hide and overwinter. Guess what, your home is the perfect place. They’ll find all the cracks and holes in your house, slip inside and start to sing “Let it snow” with you and your family. They won’t bite people or cause structural damage– still though–be careful when you decide to banish the insect. People call them stink bugs for a reason. If you smash or grab them they’ll produce a foul, pungent odor. If you resort to killing them with the vacuum, you’ll smell the stink every time you decide to vacuum.

The Invaders are in my Home, what do I do?
If stink bugs are conquering your home, grab a can of silicone sealant and go to work. Plug up cracks and holes around windows and pipes. Make sure you replace any damaged weather stripping around your doors. Even if you think the crack is too small, fill it. Check the vents and openings to your attic, including your chimney.

Admiral Pest is ready to assist you
If the number of stink bugs has got you vacuuming every few hours, despite the precautions, don’t worry, help is minutes away. Admiral Pest Control is ready to help you with any insects including any stinky invaders. Our technicians are familiar with Brown Marmorated stink bugs. We can help you get your house and yard back. Give Admiral Pest Control a call for any pesky pest problem.

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