02 Apr

iStock_000014905553XSmallWith spring just around the corner the weather will warm up soon, and you know what that means…outdoor living! From patio parties to backyard camping, after months of cool weather it’s fun to finally be outside AND warm at the same time.

And nothing signals the start of summer more than al fresco dining and entertaining. But unfortunately some common pests are just as happy about the warm weather as you are. And they can’t wait to invite themselves to your next barbeque or outdoor dinner party. In these cases, it’s best to meet your backyard bug issues head on, rather than wait until they become overwhelming problems.

Most people don’t realize that in addition to treating the inside of your house for pests,
Admiral Pest Control can also treat your yard, as well. This is a good idea whether you
spend time outside or not, because treating your yard is the first line of defense in keeping
summertime pests out of your home. And if you do plan on spending any amount of time
outside during the warmer months, then having Admiral Pest Control take care of your
yard is the best way to enjoy a pest-free summer.

Who Are These Pesky Party Crashers?

As you can imagine, mosquitoes and flying insects are the most common (and most
annoying) intruders at an outdoor party. During the day, while it’s hot outside, they’re not
as prevalent. But once the sun goes down and it cools off, mosquitoes, flies, gnats, “no-see
ums”, and other biting, flying insects are more than happy to join the festivities, making
you their main course. Some backyards are more inviting than others, like those with pools
or standing water treatments. If you have anything like that, be sure to turn on pumps to
circulate the water while you and your guests are outside.

And if you plan on cooking in your backyard on a gas grill or barbecue, hornets can
suddenly appear out of nowhere. Hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, and many types of bees
are actually carnivorous and they have a very acute sense of smell. So when you throw that
steak on the grill, they can detect your culinary delights all the way from your neighbor’s
yard (or even further away on a breezy day).

And if you live in a densely wooded or lush area, ticks can be a problem. You probably
aren’t aware of this, but ticks are actually of the arachnid family, having more in common
with spiders than flies. Ticks can’t live without the blood of a victim, and you don’t want
that to be you, your guests, or your pets. Besides being painful and annoying ticks also
breed a host of diseases in humans, including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted
Fever, Colorado Tick Fever, and in extreme cases tick paralysis. The last thing you want is
for one of your guests to go home with a tick as a party favor.

And finally, you definitely want to avoid the grand annoyance of all outdoor dining, ants.
Like hornets, ants have a keen sense of smell and will come out of hiding to feast upon just about anything you serve. They are especially fond of sugary food like fruit and juices. So if
your child happens to drop (or even drip) a Popsicle or anice cream bar, for example, ants
will descend upon the mess in a matter of moments. And once they’re present, they’re more than happy to stick around so they can check out what else you having going on in the way of food.

But thankfully you can steer clear of summertime pest party crashers by calling Admiral
Pest Control to come out and assess the situation in your yard. With regular, unobtrusive,
safe outdoor treatments Admiral Pest Control can assure that every backyard event you
have this summer will pest-free. And when you get right down to it, isn’t that the ONLY
type of outdoor party you want to host this summer?

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