21 Oct

admiral-tap-truckIf there were a way you could control pests in your home and save money at the same time, would you take it?

Well, there is, and Admiral Pest is bringing to your attic’s door, literally.

With their newest service – Thermal Acoustical Pest (TAP) Insulation, they can provide – not only pest control, but a cost efficient way to control pests.

TAP is a spray-in insulation that contains boric acid. Boric acid is toxic to insects like termites, ants, silverfish and other common household insects yet is perfectly safe around humans and pets. Boric acid is found in common household products like saline eyewash solution, detergents and the foods we eat.

“I’ve heard about TAP for years and how well it works, we just never thought about getting into it,” said Brian Jones, president of Admiral. “Now, we just felt like it’s a good fit for us because of the more and more demands of people wanting their attics cleaned up and new insulation (put in). So, we felt this was a good avenue for us.”

TAP insulation helps keep homeowners cool in the summer and warm in the winter, thus saving energy and money. It also reduces outside noises – all while controlling listed pest.

“Most people don’t realize how much heating and cooling is lost up into the ceiling and what a big difference having solid insulation in place can make,” Brian said. “I think that’s a large benefit.  A lot of people don’t think about the attic.”

Besides saving money on your monthly heating bills, there are numerous rebates and tax credits available from the Gas Company, Southern California Edison, and state and federal sources, he said.

Picture1 (11)TAP is sprayed in the attic and is permanent. It forms a perfect fit, leaving no gaps, covering nooks and crannies, capping the entire attic floor.

“This insulation will benefit the customer, not only in reducing heating and cooling costs, but also in insect control; roaches, silverfish, termites swarm – they land on this insulation, get the boric acid off of it and it kills them,” Brian said. “And if TAP is undisturbed and doesn’t get wet, it will pretty much last forever.”

In times past, Admiral was only able to rid the house of rodents or pests. Now they can also clean up the rodent mess, suck out the old insulation and apply TAP, Brian said.

“That’s one of the reasons we are getting into this, because it seems like we have more and more demand for people wanting the attic cleaned up and we did not have the equipment to do it before,” he said. “We used to get the rats and leave the droppings and leave everything else behind because we basically didn’t have a way to do it. We no longer have to recommend somebody else, we can do it ourselves.”

Adding TAP insulation to Admiral’s line of duty will also serve as a great filler during the winter months when “termite” business slows down, Brian said.

The cost for the insulation through Admiral ranges from $1.20 to $1.50 per square foot, depending on the thickness customers desire.

On October 15, Admiral applied their first TAP insulation at a 50 year old home, which had the original insulation in the attic, Brian said.

“Our first job went great,” he said. 

The insulation, which was about four inches in thickness when it was put in five decades ago, had shrunk down to about two inches over the years, providing very little protection, if any, to hot or cold temperatures, he said.

Four to five inches of TAP insulation was added over the top of the existing insulation, bringing their R-Value up to about R-30. The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry.

“We think this will save them $50 to $100 a month in heating and cooling cost,” Brian said. “With these kinds of savings it won’t take long to get your money back for updating your attic insulation. When you can save money on your energy bills, have a quieter home and have some additional pest protection, this is a winning combination.”  

For more information about TAP click here.

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