15 May

Reasons Behind Water Conservation


You might think that there is plenty of water on earth. Astrologists call our planet the blue planet because of its faint blue color when seen from space. Though our planet might be wet, most of that water is not drinkable. If you took all the water on earth, only 2.5 percent would be considered fresh water. The other 97.5 percent is contained in our oceans and is too salty for us to use. Of the 2.5 percent of fresh water, two thirds of it is locked up in polar ice caps and glaciers. This means we get less than one percent of the total water on earth to use for drinking, growing food, recreation, and keeping our yards vibrant. Water is a limited resource. For the sake of your family and future generations, here are five reasons why you should conserve this valuable resource.

  • Water Means Life. It might be macabre to think about, yet you cannot live very long without water. In a harsh environment, you can only go a few hours. Under good conditions, you might be able to make for 3 days. From beef to vegetables, water is used to grow all of the food you eat.
  • Pollution Hurts. With the small amount of available water, the last thing you will want to do is dump oil down the storm drain. A single drop of oil or paint can pollute more than six gallons. If you have used oil or old paint, dispose of them properly.
  • Keep fertilizer on your grass. Fertilizer is great for making your lawn nice and green, yet it is terrible for water. Too much nitrogen in water will make it unfit to drink. When a lake gets a dose of fertilizer, algae goes wild and their numbers soar. When all that green goop dies, it releases toxins and ruins the water. The best thing you can do with your fertilizer is to follow the directions. If it says don’t apply before a rain storm, then don’t.
  • Conserving water saves you money. The more water you use, the more money you pay. If you want to save money, conserve water. That gives you a cash incentive to fix your leaky toilet. Green grass looks great. Unfortunately, we have planted a grass species that is not adapted to our hot California summers. It is going to take a lot of water to keep your blue grass green. In order to save money, consider changing your grass to a drought tolerant species. If you want to save more, add in areas to your yard that doesn’t require irrigation. There are plenty of native plants that will add aesthetic appeal to your yard.
  • Save energy. When you turn on your tap, you see the fresh water flowing out. Have you ever considered how it got there? Gravity alone cannot bring you the water you need. All those pipes that feed your neighborhood require pumps to pressurize the lines. That takes energy. By lowering the amount of water usage, you are saving energy.

Water is a precious resource. A few simple changes to your way of life can save hundreds of gallons of life giving water.

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