Of all the pests we have in Orange County, there is nothing that is more destructive than an infestation of termites. Drywood termites love the wood in your attic and if you have furniture made from wood, they will eat that too. Dampwood termites need wood that has been soaked with water. If you have an area of your home that has had plumbing issues or a window with cracks in the casing, dampwood termites can become a problem.

Subterranean Termites

The damaged caused by these two termites is nothing compared to subterranean termites. The subterranean variety has a voracious appetite, there are more insects in the colony so the number of mouths to feed increases. Subterranean termites live in the ground and built characteristic mud tunnels up to the wood they want to eat. If you crawlspace or foundation has mud tunnels leading up to the juicy wood in your home, you have a real problem. No matter which type of termite is causing a problem in your home, the technicians with Admiral Pest Control can help. When it comes to termite control in Orange County, we are your certified professionals.

Termite Fumigation

Since termites hide behind the walls of your home, or inside of your furniture it is ineffective to use spot treatments. In order to eradicate the entire colony and the egg producing queen, we tent your home and fumigate. We follow established procedures to ensure that our fumigants travel through your entire home and move through the holes in the wood. Termites cannot withstand our proven treatment methods. The best thing about our fumigants is it does not linger in your home. When the process is complete you can feel the assurance that your home will be safe for you and your family and protected from the destruction caused by termites.

If you see saw dust accumulation, pin sized holes in your sheetrock, or dead termites you need to call Admiral Pest Control before termites ruin your home. When you want effective termite control done right, give Admiral Pest Control a call.