Are you worried about getting a good night sleep because you know that a nasty little insect is waiting in your bed to bite you? Are you tired of walking up each morning with new bite marks on your arms, legs or face? If you are living in Orange County and you have decided that you do not want bed bugs living with you, Admiral Pest Control is you r local solution for bed bug elimination. We are serious about protecting you from bed bugs.

Tough little Insects

The number of bed bug infestations is increasing through America. In tourist places like Orange County, bed bug numbers are skyrocketing. You can find bed bugs in hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, office buildings, hospitals, schools, not even public transportation is free from these pests. Bed bugs are built to hitchhike. They can grab onto clothing, hide in purses, sneak into backpacks and stowaway in luggage.

Bed bugs are tough little insects. They can survive several months without food. If you are getting bit and you decide to sleep in another room, they will find you. Since bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, the number of hiding places in your home is astronomical. For these reasons, entomologists (insect scientists) recommend that if you have bed bugs, you need to call in professionals. Do it yourself treatment options will not cut it with bed bugs.

The Professionals

For bed bug infestations in Orange County, your solution is Admiral Pest Control. We have been in the business of pest eradication for a long time. Our technicians are highly trained and certified to eradicate bed bugs. We know where they hide and we can treat your entire home. When you want the best in bed bug control, you need to call in the professionals with Admiral Pest Control. We are ready to help your home become free from bed bugs.