Irvine has been rated in the top 10 best places to live by several national magazines over the last 7 years and continues to rank as one of the safest places to live in the United States. Termites also recognize YOUR home as one of the best places to live and will do just about anything to find a way in. Often, their destruction goes unrecognized by homeowners until it is too late and thousands of dollars in damage has been done. Staying vigilant and paying attention to common warning signs will keep your home from succombing to the destruction of a termite infestation.

Don’t let your home become a casualty

Within nature, termites are useful in the natural recycling process, but if a colony moves into your home, recycling is not a positive activity. Within a home or structure, they can quickly render it unlivable, hollowing out vital supports which greatly compromise the safety of the building. Termites do not limit themselves to solely wood materials. They love any kind of plant based items such as furniture, shelving, books and have even been known to eat rugs, carpets and cloth. If you have a termite infestation, very little is safe and the damage can be costly.

Protect your investment

Your home is a one of your greatest investments and protecting it from all damaging pests, especially termites is essential if you’d like to maintain its value. Calling your experienced Admiral Pest Control technician for regular inspections is a fantastic idea to protect your home from common pests. Our qualified professionals use the safest, most effective chemicals to remove termite infestations, all while keeping your family safe. Our products are non-toxic, safe for the environment but tough on pests. Our #1 goal is your complete satisfaction and we will not quit till the job is finished and you are happy. Give us a call today!