Garden Grove’s Strawberry Festival is one of the largest community festivals in the western United States which basically means it’s one of the biggest parties too. The enjoyment and fun experienced by the whole community makes for an exciting week. Finding out that termites are having an equally large party within the walls of your home however, will not bring you the same elation. Where the Strawberry Festival is loud and bursting with noise, termites have been called “the silent destroyer” because they can thrive and destroy without any noticeable signs of damage to your for a long time.

Your home is a tasty meal

Regardless of the construction type of home you live in, any house can be an optimal habitat for a termite infestation. They thrive on cellulose, or any kind of plant based material—all a delicious meal for a termite. Home foundations, shelving, furniture, and even books draw termites like a magnet. Termites also like damp, moist areas and need this environment to survive so eliminating any moisture in common nesting places will deter them from breeding. Termites can live an exceptionally long time, with queens living up to 20 years. Individual colonies can live up to 100 years so if you have termites, chances are their colony won’t be dying out anytime soon.

Hand us the control

Getting rid of termites is a delicate process. Waiting is simply not an option once you know you have a termite problem because each day without treatment can cost you more money and dollars down the drain in damage. Removing food sources, sealing entrances, and using the most effective chemicals are the first measures we take. Our chemicals are safe for your pets and family but harsh on termites. We continue to monitor the situation until your home is termite free and we are not satisfied until you are satisfied. We do our best to make happy, lifelong customers. Call us today so we can help save your home!