Bellflower’s rich farming community and popular Farmer’s Market are a notable piece of this beautiful town. And nothing spells happiness more to a population of ants than food and lots of it. Returning from the market and grocery store only to find a small colony ready to partake of your sustenance is irksome indeed. Most homeowners run to the grocery store to stock up on cheap chemical sprays or ant bait. These however can sometimes be toxic to your pets and family and be totally ineffective, thus wasting you a tragic amount of money and time.

Little bugs= Big headache

People often battle ant problems for years, killing with spray and baits that never seem to get rid of the problem and inevitably they return. Usually the common black ant is brought to mind, however, there are many kinds of ants that can infest. One species, such as the carpenter ant can cause bigger problems and damage. They love wood and moist environments in your home and would love nothing more than to burrow in a structural beam. Unlike termites, they don’t actually eat the wood. Instead, they hollow out beams and supports, making nests inside of them. Whether it’s pavements ants, carpenter ants or any other kind, ants are undoubtedly a nuisance. It’s time to free your life of them and call a professional!

Safe, effective solutions

At Admiral Pest Control, we guarantee our services 100%, so you won’t be battling these pests for years to come. When we come in and treat the problem, you can rest assured that when we are finished, your infestation will be also. Depending on the size of the infestation, it may require several treatments but most customers see a drastic decrease if not complete eradication within 10-14 days. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and will do our best to make you happy. Give us a call to schedule your ant service today!