Insect Invaders

The Pirate Park in Bellflower will have your little scallywags running amok in a 4000 square foot, fully-enclosed park. If your home is being invaded by buccaneer bed bugs, swashbuckling sewer rats or any type of insect invader, Admiral Pest Control will keep them from pillaging and plundering. We will work to keep your home insect and rodent free.

Pilfering pillagers

You want your home to be comfortable. Unfortunately, insects and rodents love your home for the same reasons as you. Mice chew into electrical wires, ruin insulation and chew into your food containers. Bed bugs bite you while you sleep and pilfer away your good-night’s sleep. Cockroaches spend time in your bathroom and then transmit diseases to the food you eat. Pesky birds find holes into your attic, transmit diseases, and spread carpet beetles.

Take Back Your Home

No matter what type of insect invader is causing you trouble, our technicians at Admiral Pest Control will be able to eliminate the problem. We understand pests. Eradication and control is what we have been doing for nearly 70 years. Our certified technicians understand the correct treatment methods that will send pests to Davy Jones Locker.

We use the principles of integrated Pest Management, which enables to create an effective multipronged treatment method. When you want a skilled, professional, courteous pest eradication service, you need Admiral Pest Control.

We Make Pest Control Easy

We respect your time. Our technicians will work around your schedule. We respect you and your home. Because our technicians are certified professional applicators, you know that our treatment methods will be safe for you and your family. We offer free termite inspections, and bird consultations. No matter what type of pest is invading your home, we offer free treatment estimates.

Our years of dedicated service will speak for itself. We understand pests and we know how to eliminate them from your home. When you want Pest Control done right, you need Admiral Pest Control. Call us today.

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