Longbeach has been voted as one of America’s “Most Walkable Cities” and this is good news for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy walking and bicycling. Unfortunately for you, your home was also voted “Most Walkable” by the nearby ant population that excitedly found an entrance inside. Seeing a trail of ants anywhere in your house can cause a gut wrenching annoyance. Sharing your home with some of nature’s most irksome pests is nobody’s idea of fun, especially when they raid your food supply and chew up your walls.

Yes, ants cause damage too

Wait, did we say “chew up your walls?” I bet you thought only termites did that. Nope, the carpenter ant can cause a grave amount of damage to wooden structures in your home as well. Most people picture ants as picnic crashers that love nothing more than to get into your unsealed food packaging in the pantry. This is true, but carpenter ants love damp wood so if you’ve recently had any leaks around your house, check for signs of ants in the damaged areas. They do not eat the wood, only nest in it, thus creating a big problem and costly repairs.

Don’t live with them any longer!

There are many types of ants that can infest in your house, so call an experienced technician at Admiral Pest Control to ascertain the situation, determine the type of ant in your house and plan the best way to treat it. Each species of ant reacts differently and your knowledgeable technician will know the most effective method to removing your infestation quickly. Skip the DIY remedies as they can often make the problem worse by scattering the population, which in turn cause them to create separate nests throughout your house. We use the safest, cleanest treatments so you can rest assured that the problem will be taken care of without ill effects to your family or pets. Your complete satisfaction is important to us so call us for a consultation today!