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IPM HouseGot a pest problem, but you don’t want to harm the environment to get rid of them? Then Admiral Pest Control can help you with by using a pest management technique called Integrated Pest Management or IPM

IPM, is a broad-based approach that integrates a range of practices for economic control of pests, which includes a safer means of controlling pests

IPM allows for the use of a more targeted application of pest control products, said Brian Jones, president of Admiral Pest.

“It used to be back in the day 10 – 20 years ago, we didn’t feel like we were doing our job unless we’d come to someone’s yard and totally blast everything,” he said. “When IPM came along, we started changing our way of thinking and found that if someone is just having problems with ants in the kitchen we can spot treat it. We don’t have to treat the whole house and we don’t have to put more product than we need to solve the issue.”

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations IPM is the careful consideration of all available pest control techniques and subsequent integration of appropriate measures that discourage the development of pest populations and keep pesticides and other interventions to levels that are economically justified and reduce or minimize risks to human health and the environment.

With more than 65 years of pest management experience, Admiral has seen a variety of products come and go but one thing has remained constant: IPM is the best choice when it comes to green pest control.

“When we first started using this I didn’t even think it would work,” Jones said. “But over time we have retrained ourselves and our customers and now we are using products that are basically green products – stuff we can use in more places and that’s not toxic.”

Admiral has been using IPM for about five years, Jones said.

“Some of us older guys – and I’m talking about myself – we’ve had to work hard to get them to embrace this,” Jones said. It works well – the results speak for themselves.”

The biggest issue with more toxic pest control products is the runoff, Jones said.

“It gets in the gutter where it runs into streams and the ocean, so we are trying to be better stewards of where we use products especially on the outside,” he said.

Recent advances in pest management products have identified products that are plant based and extremely safe for use in sensitive areas or in facilities where organic certification may be compromised if other products are used. We offer these options as part of our service.

“We try to practice not over-applying, doing more target application to solve the problem, and not use more product than we need to – trying to always pick the safest product possible,” Jones said. “When we first started using some of the green products five years ago, they were lousy and people complained that they didn’t work. But, with some of the products coming now, the technology is really advanced and they work really well. Overall, I think it’s been accepted pretty well.”

Although pest control continues to advance, customers can still provide a great deal of aid in making the Admiral technicians’ job easier.

Property owners can do quite a bit by keeping plants trimmed back 12 inches from the house, and by sealing cracks and holes in their property. Simply doing this makes it difficult for rodents, insects and other creepy-crawlers can find a way into one’s property.

“These things go hand-in-hand with IPM,” Jones said.

Admiral uses a multi-step process as a part of our IPM programs:

Identify: Knowing the types of pest that are impacting you is the beginning of the treatment protocol.

Understand: We look at the reason this pest is in your home – easily accessible food or water source or seeking shelter from the elements.

Treat: Often the best way to deter pest is the make their living arrangements as uncomfortable as possible. Things like blocking access to the inside of your home, making sure garbage and food containers are properly sealed.

Report: We will report on the progress of our program.

Identification of the pest, prevention, and the inspection is very important to know what we’re dealing with, Jones said.

“I think the monitoring has really helped us out a lot,” he said. “If the problem is only around the dishwasher then we only need to treat around the dishwasher.”

Service is based on the inspection of the home and communication with our customers.

“Baits and gels are often used if you have a fairly small problem. We can put these baits and gels in the corners without customers having to clean out all their dishes, etc.,” Jones said. “That way we don’t have to go in there and douse everything down.”

There are some situations where time is of the essence and we must combine IPM with a product. Through extensive testing of a variety of products, we’ve settled on a treatment that is completely organic, with its active ingredients made up of concentrated botanic oils.

Because this product is based completely on botanic oils, we can use it in the most sensitive of areas where traditional products and inappropriate of unwanted.

“There are some really great products around, but people misuse them and then they get taken away. So it’s to our advantage to use these in the most diligent way possible,” Jones said. “We want to use the safest thing for not only our customers, but for our environment.”

If you have any questions ask an Admiral Pest Control technician or call the office at (800) 801-7378.


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