rat exterminatorStop pests and save money! In Los Angeles and Orange County’s temperate climate, few people give a thought to their home’s insulation. The fact is many people are literally throwing money out the door because their homes are poorly insulated. Replacing or upgrading your insulation will save you money, repel pests and make for a more comfortable home. This can help prevent the need for a rat exterminator!

Control Pests!

Huh? A pest control company installing insulation? While that might be strange at first glance, we are frequently in people’s attics, repairing damage caused by a variety of pests and removing rodent waste.

If you’ve had a rodent or other mammal problem in your attic, cleaning out and replacing your insulation is a must-do. Most rodent or mammal waste contains dangerous diseases and bacteria such as hanta virus, salmonella, and bubonic plague to name a few. By removing and replacing your insulation after a rodent or mammal nesting, you can prevent the spread of these diseases and improve the smell within your home.

TAP_Insulation_logoWe exclusively offer T.A.P Insulation, a specially treated, blown in cellulose insulation that repels common household pests such as termites, ants, beetles, cockroaches, silverfish and a number of other commonly found household pests. Because of the pest repellant properties of T.A.P. insulation, only licensed pest control companies such as Admiral Pest Control can install T.A.P. Insulation.

Save Money!

Prior to 1972, homes in Southern California were not required to have insulation in the walls. Furthermore, the attic was typically to a value of less than the EPA recommended value of R-30. This leaves most homes in Southern California severely under insulated and homeowners are literally letting money escape out their front doors. By upgrading your insulation to a value of at least R-30, you’ll save money on both your heating and cooling bills. One state housing authority found that with proper insulation, heating and cooling bills were reduced by more than 30%.

Rebates Available

Currently the Southern California Gas Company is offering a rebate of $0.15 per square foot to any homeowner who upgrades their attic insulation to at least R-30. We carry rebate forms in our trucks and our staff will help you obtain the largest rebate available.

Click here for more information about available rebates.

Cellulose versus Fiberglass Insulation

taptruckWe exclusively use blown-in cellulose insulation because of its superior performance against any form of fiberglass insulation – blown in or rolled insulation. In a two-month study at the University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning, researchers compared the energy conservation efficiency of two test buildings.

In one building cellulose insulation was installed in the attic and walls. In the second building fiberglass was also installed in the attic and walls. Here are the results:

  • Cellulose achieved a tighter building cavity and cut air infiltration by at least 30% more than fiberglass.
  • When the heat was turned off at night, over a 9 hour period, the cellulose insulated building retained 7 degrees more heat than the fiberglass insulated building.
  • It was estimated that in the temperate climates a cellulose insulated building would require about 26% less energy to heat than a fiberglass insulated building. It was further concluded that the energy benefit would become even more significant in severe climates
  • Cellulose blown-in insulation reduces air leakage more effectively than fiberglass batting or fiberglass blown-in insulation.

Homes insulated with cellulose insulation require considerably less energy to heat and cool then homes insulated with fiberglass. Cellulose is the better insulation and will save you money.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

We exclusively use T.A.P insulation, which is made of 87% recycled newsprint that is treated with boric acid. By choosing T.A.P., you are conserving landfill space by diverting newsprint and converting it into a useful product. This is contrasted by fiberglass insulation, most of which is made from spun glass and requires significantly more energy to produce than cellulose insulation. By choosing Admiral Pest Control to replace, upgrade or repair your insulation with T.A.P., you also reduce your carbon footprint and energy usage, while saving money on your heating and cooling bills. This is an environmentally and financially smart choice.

Learn More

Watch this short video to learn more about the benefits of replacing your home’s insulation with TAP.

More than 65 Years of Experience

Admiral Pest Control was founded in 1947. We take pride in providing the highest quality customer service. We have extensive experience repairing termite damage and other pest damage. Having your insulation repaired, removed and replaced by us is a natural fit. For a free evaluation and inspection, call us ator fill out the form to the right.