28 Mar

ArachnophobiaNow that the Academy Awards have passed, the suspense regarding which movies will win what awards is over. For those of us that like to wait until after the Oscars to see the nominated movies (so we know which ones are worth seeing) the movie-viewing season is just beginning.

However, for many people spring is a movie wasteland. They’ve already seen all the nominated films, because they just couldn’t wait. Once a movie comes out, they’re first in line before any kind of buzz about it even hits the streets. These are probably the same folks that open presents on Christmas Eve, because they just can’t wait until Christmas Day.

So for those impatient people who need something to watch until the summer blockbusters kick in, we thought it might be fun to recommend some of the best bug/insect/pest-related horror movies ever to hit the big screen. Even if you don’t have a taste for horror, some of these films are so campy they’re actually funny, plus they feature stars that later went on to become big names. On the other hand, there are a few films on this list that are so scary, you may want to keep Admiral Pest Control on speed dial…just in case.

Them! (1954)
The 1950s was the age of “duck and cover.” So it’s not surprising that atomic mayhem provides the jumping-off point for this Hollywood horror flick about giant, man-eating ants mutated from common ants as a result of atomic testing in New Mexico. Now if someone had only called Admiral Pest Control when those ants were still itty-bitty, the whole problem could’ve been averted.

Tremors (1990)
A campy romp about giant, razor-toothed worms that churn up trouble in a small, isolated town. No one wants to bother with these pests UNTIL they mysteriously start to reduce the town’s population one delicious citizen at a time. This horror-comedy stars Kevin Bacon before he got legitimate acting street cred in films like Apollo 13 and Mystic River.

Starship Troopers (1997)
In this version of our apocalyptic future, we’re such a mess that the only planet in the universe that wants to take over Earth consists of giant, nasty, alien bugs that will not take no for an answer. Think praying mantises on steroids. What’s our only hope of survival? Somebody needs to call a really bad-ass pest control guy.

Mimic  (1997)
In an experiment gone horribly wrong an entomologist creates a new breed of insect whose sole purpose is to kill cockroaches.  But after a few years the new species of insect decides it wants to take over the world, so of course mankind now has a bigger problem on its hands. If they had just called Admiral Pest Control in the first place to get rid of the cockroaches, mankind would’ve been spared this major inconvenience.

The Birds  (1963)
Even though birds are not insects, they can be pests, as this classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller so adeptly points out. When a San Francisco socialite takes her lovebirds to a small, coastal, Northern California town, the local birds get miffed and start attacking the populace. Nothing ruins your day more than having your eyes pecked out by a gaggle of angry blackbirds.

Alien (1979)
By far one of the scariest movies of all time. A spaceship on a mining expedition makes a pit stop on a planet to investigate a mysterious S.O.S. They find (almost) everyone on the planet dead and giant nests of ominous eggs. Proving once again that just because you get rid of the pests themselves it doesn’t mean they’re gone for good. Follow-up pest control treatments are a must!

Arachnophobia (1990)
If you have a fear of spiders, don’t watch this movie, or else you may need therapy afterward. When a deadly South American spider accidentally gets transported from the Amazon in a coffin, it gets busy with a local house spider, thus spawning an army of deadly half-breeds. Gives new meaning to the term “word wide web.”

The Fly (1958, 1986)
There are two versions of this movie and surprisingly both are good. After years of research, a scientist finally figures out the key to teleportation. But things go unexpectedly awry when a common housefly gets trapped in the chamber with the scientist during one of his experiments. Now do you see why it’s important to keep those screen doors closed in the summer?

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