29 May

Go Green by Going with Grey


If you are looking out at your lawn and watching in horror as it slowly turns from a vivid green to a dull brown, there is hope from an unusual place. Stand in your bathroom and you have found your new source of green lawn assistance. Your sink and shower can become your yards new best friends. Well, technically it isn’t your shower or sink it is the water they use. The water going down the drains of your shower, sink and washing machine are referred to as grey water and that grey water can make a difference in your yard. If you have ever wondered about grey water, Admiral Pest Control is here to provide you with the information you need to stay up to date.

What on earth is grey water?
Imagine everything that goes down your drains; hair from your bathroom sink, shampoo and conditioners from your shower, ground up food from your disposal and dishwasher, detergents and dirt from your washing machine. Take all of that and you get an unsavory mixture called grey water. The last thing you would ever want to do is take a drink. Your trees, grass and shrubs on the other hand, love it. All of that junk going down your drain is full of nutrients that plants need. They can get nitrogen and phosphorous from the organic material that goes down your drain. Grey water is liquid fertilizer. It waters your yard and keeps it green and vibrant. When you incorporate a grey water irrigation system into your yard, you can smile every time you take a shower, because all that water is going to quench your thirsty yard.

What is so great about grey water?
All of that grey water goes to either a sewage treatment plant or your septic tank. If your house is connected to a sewer line, all of that nutrient rich water is leaving your yard; the same could be said of a septic tank. Grey water can save you money. Your water bill will be lower because you won’t have to run your sprinkling system as often. Your sprinkler system relies on drinking water. You won’t have to use as much fertilizer to keep your grass green because your grey water is doing it for you. There are systems that can be installed that use gravity to sub-irrigate you yard. That means you will not need to use you hard earned paycheck on the costs of pumping. In addition, by keeping all of those nutrients on your lawn, you are protecting the environment. Nitrogen and phosphorous are the two main polluters of our lakes and streams. With grey water you get the good feeling of making a positive change for Mother Nature and you get to keep more of your paycheck from being used to water your yard.

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