09 Jan

It’s a common misconception that home pests go dormant for the winter, hibernating in places like dead trees throughout the cold, winter months. On the contrary, home pests prefer moving into your nice warm house instead of hanging out in the damp ground or a rotting piece of wood. And honestly, who can blame them?

Even though summer plays hosts to a variety of stinging and biting insects, there are still plenty of six-legged pests that can wreak havoc over the holidays. And if you count those four-legged animals in search of winter homes (such as rats, mice, and even the occasional raccoon, skunk, or opossum) then you have a virtual cornucopia of creatures to contend with until spring.

Four-legged Winter Pests

Few people realize that rodents and marsupials, such as raccoons and opossum, do not hibernate in the winter. However, they do like to hole up somewhere safe and secure, and have been know to stay in their winter nests for days before coming out in search of food. So it’s easy to have a furry pest problem, but not know about it until you catch them entering or leaving your home. And even then you may not notice them right away because most of these stealth creatures are nocturnal, so it may take a while before you see them coming or going.

The best protection against rodents, raccoons, skunks, and opossum is prevention. Make sure all ventilation screens in the foundation and attic of your home have no holes. Also, fix any broken latches on doors or shutters, as raccoons and opossum have opposable thumbs, and therefore can open things that other animals can’t.

And remember, pests go where the food is. So keep birdseed and pet food in sealed metal containers. If they’re hungry enough pests will chew threw plastic containers in order to have a nice holiday meal (or dinner every night, as the case may be).

And by all means, clean out rain gutters and stack firewood away from your house. Even a pile of leaves left over from fall makes an inviting place for field mice to nest. And if that pile is next to your house, the next stop for those marauding little guys is probably the insulation between your walls.

Six-legged Winter Pests

Many people think insect pest problems go away in the winter, but nothing could be further from the truth. True, you don’t have as many flies and mosquitoes to contend with (if any), but other insect pests like ants and roaches are more than happy to hunker down in the baseboards, floors, and walls of your home.

As with furry, four-legged winter pests, the trick is to not make your home too inviting. Clean out your garage, attic, and kitchen of all stray food. Garbage, pet food, and birdseed especially can easily scatter around your home undetected. Food crumbs of any kind are an open invitation to greedy ants and roaches.

But more importantly, seal the cracks and openings around all baseboards and floor seams. If need be, replace loose flooring or planks, so that insects can’t squeeze through.  And don’t forget to check around pipes for water leaks. Nothing attracts a freeloading insect more than water. Entire colonies of ants have been known to chew through the backs of kitchen cabinets just to get a good stiff drink (of water, that is).

But If All Else Fails…

Sometimes even the best made plans can fall apart. If you find yourself with a winter pest problem of any kind, don’t hesitate to call Admiral Pest Control. Their trained professionals are on call year round to deal with your pest elimination needs throughout any season. Nothing puts a damper on a dinner party faster than finding a trail of ants marching through your kitchen on their way to your perfectly planned holiday meal. Let Admiral Pest Control make sure your home is pest-free for the winter, so you can turn your attention to more important things, like entertaining the guests you actually invited into your home.


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