27 Sep

Just because you vacuum and scrub all the floors in your house every day and then dust and disinfect the rest, doesn’t mean you are OCD. Having a clean house just feels good.

You take pride in keeping your house sparkling clean and germ free. That is why you were so surprised to find a cockroach on your kitchen counter late last night when you went to the refrigerator for a cold drink.

How could this happen?

Everyone knows cockroaches only live in the homes of messy people, those who leave food and dirty dishes out and have piles of clutter for the critters to hide in.

Unfortunately, having a clean house isn’t enough to deter these unwelcome house guests.

Cockroaches can sneak in your home in a box from the local grocery store, or even on your pant leg if you don’t pay attention. They can also move over from a crowded neighbor’s house or from a wood pile in your backyard. Without you even knowing, they take up residence and start raising their large families inside your walls, and you don’t suspect a thing.

All roaches need is water, food, and shelter. Some people believe that by having a clean house, they are denying the food the roaches need. The problem is that roaches will eat most anything like the glue that holds cardboard boxes together and soft wood near a leaky pipe in the walls. These adaptable creatures are able to find food pretty much anywhere, even if you aren’t leaving them an open buffet on your kitchen counters.

How can you tell if you have a cockroach problem?

The easiest way to tell is if you actually see a roach. Roaches are nocturnal, so you are most likely to see them at night, and usually in the bathroom or kitchen as these are the areas in the home with the most moisture. If you see a cockroach during the day, that can indicate overcrowding and a big infestation.

  • Look for dead roaches in cabinets below sinks and underneath appliances like your refrigerator.
  • In checking these same areas, also watch for signs of cockroach feces, which can look like coffee grounds.
  • Of course, the best way to know if you have a cockroach infestation is to have the pest control experts at Admiral Pest Control come do an inspection.

So what can you do?

  • Don’t give up on cleaning house just yet. While it can’t keep them out entirely, it does help cut down on their numbers.
  • Block as many entrances as possible. Seal all foundation cracks, update weatherstripping around doors, and check seals around air conditioning units, dryer vents and other openings into the house.
  • Fix all leaks in the home. Cockroaches love the moisture and food provided by leaky pipes, so fixing even small leaks is a must.
  • Eliminate hiding places by cleaning up clutter both inside and outside of the home.

All of these things can help discourage the cockroaches from returning to your home, but the only way to rid truly yourself of these pests is to call Admiral Pest Control. Call us today for a free pest estimate. We will discuss all of your options and return your home to the pristine sanctuary you want it to be.

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