18 Oct

We’ve already established that spiders will sometimes eat termites, but what about the reverse? Do termites ever eat spiders?

In a word, no.

Termites are the strictest of vegetarians, enjoying a wide variety of wood, dead leaves and other organic plant-based material. But what most people don’t know is that termites are great decomposers, since they eat dead matter, break it down and recycle it. If it weren’t for termites we would be inundated by dead stuff. It would be a disaster.

Termites love trees and plants.

The primary diet of termites is cellulose, the stuff plants is made out of. So, if something was made out of plants, termites will eat it.

Your rare book collection? Yum.

That frilly cotton summer dress? Delicious.

The final draft of your first novel; all typed out and sitting in a cardboard box. They couldn’t put it down.

There is a gross side to this as well, sorry to say. Cellulose is hard to digest, even though the termite gut is full of bacteria to help them break it down. So, as they say, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Yup. Termites eat each other’s poop.

Your house doesn’t need termites

Aren’t you glad that a bug this disgusting is out cleaning up the world? The problem is, of course, your house isn’t decomposing. Termites aren’t smart enough to figure that out. They are just looking for a good meal. They aren’t aware that they need to get out of your house and go save the world somewhere else.

When you call Admiral Pest Control, we will eliminate the termites in your home and keep others from returning. There are plenty of places in the world that need termites and your home isn’t one of them.

What? You don’t have termites? Great.

But before you celebrate, you should know that termite infestations can exist for years without detection unless you know exactly what you’re are looking for. By the time you see your first termite, serious damage may have already occurred.

If you love your house more than the termites do, have Admiral Pest Control come to your home and perform a free inspection. Time for the termites to leave.

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