07 Mar

Do you have a stuffy nose and scratchy throat for no apparent reason? Or a rash that appeared from nowhere, but won’t go away? If you live in a home that you suspect has cockroaches, then those disgusting little buggers may be the cause of your symptoms. Yes, as if cockroaches aren’t gross enough, it turns out they carry an allergen that is toxic to many people, which results in a cockroach allergy.

It’s odd that anyone could be allergic to cockroaches, since they don’t have fur, dander, hair, or even skin. However, there is something they emit (doctors believe it’s feces and saliva) that gives many people the equivalent of hay fever. In severe cases symptoms can lead to a bronchial infection, erupting into full-fledged asthma.

What To Do?
The best way to treat a cockroach allergy is to get away from the cockroaches. This means either by calling us or moving. If going the extermination route, we typically will try baits and boric acid “roach motels”, where a roach will go to stay but not leave. In cases where we suspect allergies, we typically avoid spray products.

And as roaches are just looking for a meal, making sure you don’t leave food and drinks out after you’ve left the room is important. It’s just an invitation for cockroaches to come in and hang out while you’re trying to get some shut-eye, thus making your condition worse.

Along those same lines, keep your kitchen counters wiped clean of food particles and liquids, and sweep or vacuum your floors every night before you go to bed. Secure your trash in airtight containers or better yet put it outside. And never leave dishes soaking in the sink, as cockroaches will just look at this as an opportunity to go swimming or take a drink. They love water and don’t mind at all if food bits or even soap contaminate their source.

How Do You Know If You Have a Cockroach Allergy?
If you suspect your allergy symptoms or asthma is due to cockroaches, go see an allergy doctor to find out for sure. He or she can test you, giving you a definitive answer as to the cause of your problem. If it is cockroaches, the doctor can also prescribe treatment, including allergy medications, antihistamines, decongestants, and maybe even allergy shots.

All these medical treatments, however, should be considered short-term until you get rid of the cockroaches. In addition to allergies, these nasty pests can also be the source of some very scary diseases, including dysentery, streptococcus, salmonella, hepatitis B, E coli, and even in extreme cases, cholera. Whether you’re allergic to cockroaches or not, you definitely DON’T want them hanging around your house.

Last Resort
If it turns out you have a cockroach allergy, you can’t live with cockroaches on an ongoing basis. The allergens will continue to eat away at your health, weakening your immune system over time.

If you’ve tried everything on your own, yet those pesky cockroaches still persist, then it’s time to call the professionals at Admiral Pest Control. They have treatment options to best fit your situation, as well as ways to prevent future generations of cockroaches from coming back. Call for an initial consultation and a trained technician will come to your home to assess the situation and then recommend a solution.

But don’t delay. Because you certainly don’t want cockroaches calling the shots (allergy or otherwise) at your house!

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