10 Sep

Ford_logoWhat does Admiral Pest have in common with the Ford Motor Company? Well, a couple of things: both are family-owned and both provide good service, according to Brian Jones, president of Admiral Pest.

That, says Jones is why the pest company has been using Ford vehicles since 1956.
“The reason we’ve stayed with Ford has been how well the vehicles hold up,” said Brian.

Ford has always stood behind their product, he added.

“Anytime there was a major problem, Ford has always helped us. Even if the dealership couldn’t, we always knew we could count on the Ford rep to help us with whatever problem we might be having,” Brian said.

In 1956, 18-year-old Earl Jones, (Brian’s father) bought his first Ford, a F150 truck from Escobar Ford in Norwalk, CA for $973.00 cash, said Jones.

“When (my dad) first went to the dealership the first salesman he met told (him) he was too young and to go home and bring his Old Lady back, aka, his mother, and then he would sell him the truck,” said Jones. “My Dad went back that night to the dealership with his mom and told the manager he wanted to buy that F150, but that he wanted a different salesman because the other guy called his mom an old lady.”

Earl Jones was pleased with the second salesman and immediately told his father-in-law, Walter Lance, the founder of Admiral, that the company should buy its trucks from him.

Today, nearly 60 years later, Admiral maintains a good relationship with Ford – all on the advice of Earl Jones.

Bellflower Pest Control by Admiral Pest Control The company has about 25 Ford vehicles on-hand, which over the years have included Rangers, F250, Transit Connect, Explorer, Escape and Escort, Brian said.

That relationship extends outside the business as well, he said.

“We have all Fords except my Dad, who drives a Dodge Durango because at the time (Ford) didn’t have anything that was easy for him to tow behind his motor home,” Brian explained.

Each company vehicle is kept between five to eight years depending on the mileage and wear and tear they receive.

Although the company has tried a few other vehicles over the years, they have – with good reason – always maintained their connection to Ford, Brian said.

Admiral Pest Ford Transit“Because of this long tradition my Dad started back in 1956 we have owned a lot of Fords, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon,” Brian said. “We still believe there is something to loyalty and working with a brand that has your back.”

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