21 Sep

Carpet Vs Tiled Flooring: How to Know Which Is Best For You


Of all the choices you will face, selecting the type of flooring you want in your home is one of the most difficult. Your decision may demand durability, call for comfort, or be all about aesthetics. Before you make a selection you need to know that there are pros and cons to any type of flooring. Your friends at Pointe Pest Control are here to help you make a decision that will be right for your home.



  • Carpet will add warmth to your home, especially when you are walking around inside with bare feet during the winter.
  • Plainly put, carpet is comfortable. It is easy on your feet and your back will thank you.
  • You can carpet any room in your home for less money than if you were have tile installed.


  • Even if you take excellent care of your carpet, you can only expect it to last about ten years.
  • Spills are difficult to clean up. If a kid spills food or a spouse walks across the floor with muddy boots, you are going to do a lot of scrubbing to make your carpet look clean again.
  • Carpet requires a lot of attention to stay looking nice. You will be doing a lot of vacuuming and spot cleaning.



  • If properly installed, your ceramic tile will last a lifetime.
  • Cleaning your tile floor will make you smile. In most areas all you will need to do is run a damp rag across the floor to pick up dust. If you have tile in your kitchen, you will never need to worry about stains.
  • When it comes to design and creative colors, tile is king. You can put in any design, color, or shape. Pretty much, tile allows your creative flooring mind to imagine without limits.


  • Your floor is going to be cold. If you do not like that, be prepared to invest in some area rugs.
  • If you have tile in areas where you do a lot of standing, you might begin to notice that your back hurts. Tile is a hard surface.
  • Having tile installed will cost more than carpet.

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