23 Jan

Willard movie 1971

Coincidentally, the owner of my home (I’m just a tenant) had seen mice in the house as well, and had also called Admiral Pest Control to take care of the problem. (Great minds think alike!) She was freaked out by rodents, mainly because she’d seen the 1971 rat-horror movie Willard about 20 times, so I had to be the one to show my buddy from Admiral Pest Control where the mice had been hanging out.

As we descended into the basement I heard the scurry of little feet beating a hasty retreat in rhythm. (Good golly, were they tap-dancing now? And me without my video camera!) Sure enough, upon closer examination we found tiny, quarter-inch brown pellets everywhere. Mouse droppings. It looked like the little pests had hosted a royal wedding banquet and then let nature take its course. Yuck!

But where did they go? It was obvious they were just here. “Mice are fast,” said my pest control buddy. “They can run up to 10 miles per hour, which is why you almost never see them in your home. Plus, they hardly ever travel more than 50 feet from their nests, so even though we can’t see them, I guarantee you they’re here.” Probably watching us from their secret hiding places, I thought. The cowards.

Knowing that, I suggested we hose down the basement to the point that we leave a giant puddle deep enough to drown the little monsters. But the Admiral professional told me that would never work because (Are you ready for this?) mice (and rats) are good swimmers! That means things like adjacent streams, lakes, or even a self-imposed moat around your home will not keep rodents out.

Fortunately, my Admiral buddy had already discussed a convenient, yet flexible, ongoing service plan with the homeowner to not only get rid of these freeloading, disease-spreading rodents right now, but also to make sure they never come back again.

After my friend set about eliminating the house of pests, he turned to me and asked, “And what about you? Why haven’t we seen much of you around the office lately?”

Well, he had me there.

I have to admit I actually do freelance marketing for Admiral Pest Control, which is why I knew they were the best company to call after I had confirmed that a single mouse on my back deck had turned into a “mouse warming” party in my basement.

I explained that I’d been busy, what with all the births in my family lately. Seems like I’ve been going to a baby shower a day. And everybody wants to live at home with my mom, which as you can imagine, really cramps your style if you want some privacy.

But the real reason I’d taken a hiatus is I’d become so successful at my job with Admiral Pest Control that I’d actually hit a snag. Something so insurmountable, that I had to go away for a while to think about how I was going to handle it. You see, when you’re in marketing and sales, it’s all about putting a name with a face. And for me that was a little hard to do because…well, you’re not going to believe this, but… Um. Let me think just a little bit longer about how to put this. Come back next week and I’ll break it to you then…gently.

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