17 Apr

logo_npmaFor over 30 years the National Pest Management Association has dedicated April to be National Pest Management Month. This is their way of encouraging pest control companies all over the country to educate consumers on the importance of keeping their homes free of annoying creatures like ants, flies, termites, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, and rodents. Many people don’t realize the health risks that many of these creatures cause. From allergies to salmonella household pests are a common source of diseases that can go far beyond routine inconvenience or an occasional shriek from mom when a cockroach crawls out on the kitchen floor.

Why Now?
April is the perfect time to treat your house. After the long winter months many hibernating or nesting bugs and rodents literally come out of the woodwork. The persistence of these household pests can quickly escalate into an infestation by summer if left untreated.

How do you prevent this from happening? Start with these simple spring-cleaning tips:

Check for cracks
Over the winter moisture that gets into your basement, garage, foundation, subfloor, siding, or even walls can cause unwanted cracks and holes in your house. These openings are the perfect gateway for all kinds of pests (including birds) to discretely worm their way into your home. As soon as the weather starts to warm up inspect your house for any random openings and plug them immediately.

Replace torn screens
Wind and rain wreak havoc on your window and door screens over the winter. And if you live within 50 miles of the coast, the salty air adds another element of destruction to the exterior fixtures of your house. Inspect all screens for tears, corrosion, and frame alignment. Even the smallest opening should be fixed, as bigger pests (such as rodents and birds) have no qualms about tearing an existing opening to make it bigger.

Fix leaky faucets
All pests need water to live. Therefore, if they find a leaky faucet or pipe they’re more than happy to set up their own little neighborhoods near the water source. Plus, pooling water can lead to home damage, and worse yet, invite mosquitoes to lay eggs. It’s worth the price of a plumber (if needed) to come out and inspect the integrity of your plumbing, and fix any leaky pipes.

Clear drains and gutters
Clogged rain gutters and drains provide the perfect environment for pests that are just as happy to live outdoors. To make the exterior of your house uninviting, clean your rain gutters by scooping out the debris and then flushing the gutters completely with a hose. The water should run out the bottom spout of the gutter in a steady, rushing stream. And if you have outside drains, snake them once the rainy season ends to make sure they flow at fully capacity. In any case, you don’t want standing water anywhere near your house.

Clean out your garage, basement, and pantry
It’s no secret that the garage and basement become dumping grounds over the winter. April is the perfect time to rid these areas of any messes that could potentially invite nesting pests. Wrapping paper, old clothes, unwanted holiday decorations, expired tax records, or any piles of paper that a rodent or insect would happily shred into a tidy bed needs to go. Similarly, go through your pantry and cupboards and toss old or expired food, being extra careful to clean up any spilled crumbs that would make a tasty morsel for a marauding bug. And if you use shelf paper, now is an excellent time to change it.

Schedule an inspection

Most importantly, be sure to schedule a home pest inspection with Admiral Pest Control. Even if you don’t see actual pests, you may not detect their signs until it’s too late. Droppings, fine wood shavings, disrupted insulation, displaced debris or dirt, and even smells, can all indicate you’re sharing your home with unwanted six- or four-legged strangers. Admiral professionals are trained to look for isolated signs of pests and then consult you on your options to get rid of them.

Thanks to the NPMA, pest control professionals like Admiral Pest Control collectively bring awareness to communities across the country every spring. It’s their job to make sure people check their houses for pests at least once a year, thus preventing risks that can lead to home damage or illness. So call Admiral Pest Control today for you spring pest inspection. Make it part of your spring-cleaning every year. It’s the easiest way to ensure you’ll have a happy, healthy, pest-free summer!

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