14 Sep

4 Interior Design Tips to Make Your House a Home


If you have recently moved, or you are looking at your current house with an analyzing eye, a few changes might bring out the best in your home. You do not need a costly renovation. You can transform your house into a home with a few inexpensive alterations. Here are four interior design tips brought to you by your friends at Admiral Pest Control.

  1. A New Coat. The walls in your home are your first stop. A new layer of paint will add a vibrancy that will make you sit back and smile. If you want to make spaces feel larger than it actually is, consider using light colored paints. Darker paint colors make rooms feel smaller. With all the thousands of tints and paint colors, take your time to choose something that will compliment your furniture.
  2. Go Green. House plants add variety and interest. There are thousands of plants to choose from that will spice up the decorations of your home. Live plants add another benefit; they remove Volatile Organic Compounds from the air you breathe. Plants take harmful chemicals out of the air and store them in the soil, where they are transformed into nutrients that the plant will use. A house plant is perfect for a lonely corner.
  3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Mirrors can transform any room to feel large and spacious. They reflect light and can make any room feel brighter. Consider using interesting frames that are eye catching. You can use mirrors as wall focal points that will unite your other types of décor.
  4. Call Admiral Pest Control. No matter how amazing the design or decorations, if you have insects, rodents or other pests rampaging through your living space, your house will never feel like a home. No matter what type of pest is attempting to ruin your comfort, our technicians will know what to do. We blast bed bugs, terminate termites, eradicate rodents, and clear-out cockroaches. When you want professional pest elimination, you need to call Admiral Pest Control. We will make your house feel like a home once more.

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