07 Sep

3 Tips to Creating Your Own Indoor Oasis


If you need a place in your home to unwind from stress and worry, you might want to create your own indoor oasis. Here are three tips, brought to you by your friends at Admiral Pest Control, on how to turn a part of your home into a haven.

  1. Upgrade your lighting. With all the new types of lighting options, you can use different types of lighting to focus attention or create a good ambiance. Make sure your lights are attached to dimmer switch; this will give you brightness control. When your lighting system has been upgraded, consider using lightbulbs that create soft light.
  2. Indoor plants. Nothing can bring in a calm serenity like a house plant. Instead of going with artificial, get living plants that grab your interest. You will find a wide variety of indoor vegetation and your health and mood will improve. Many of the paints and products we use in our home contain volatile organic compounds or VOC’s. Plants absorb these indoor air pollutants. Your plants will also create life sustaining oxygen during the daytime. Your focus and mood will improve and your haven will soon be complete.
  3. Pest Control. No matter how amazing your indoor oasis has become, nothing can ruin a feeling of tranquility faster than a migrant mouse, a spindly spider, or a bizarre bug. If you have pests causing you anxiety, Admiral Pest Control should be you next call. Our technicians have been eradicating pests in and around Bellflower for over 65 years. No matter the pest, or infestation size, we will be able to get rid of the problem. With Admiral Pest Control on your side, your home can truly become a haven and your own personal, indoor oasis. Freedom from pests is a phone call away, so give Admiral Pest Control a call today.

Message brought to you by Admiral Pest Control in Bellflower, CA.

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